Kim Jong-un says he “doesn’t have any problem” with seafood, but says he enjoys the meat from animals.

He was quoted as saying in an interview with a Chinese TV station, which was aired on Wednesday, that “the food should be delicious”.

It is a reference to a speech Kim gave to the People’s Daily on Friday, where he called for the “perfection of all foods”, and said the nation should “be prepared for its own future”.

It comes as North Korea continues to ratchet up tensions with the United States and South Korea, which has imposed tougher sanctions on the country over its nuclear and missile programmes.

The North is also reported to be testing a hydrogen bomb.

Mr Kim also called on China to help North Korea solve its problems.

North Korea has repeatedly threatened to destroy the United Nations, the United Kingdom and South Africa.

It has also repeatedly said it will defend itself with nuclear weapons if they continue to test ballistic missiles.

The United Nations Security Council last week unanimously approved new sanctions on North Korea, adding to its already crippling economic sanctions.

The council has also imposed new sanctions against North Korea’s banks and oil companies, which are reported to have helped fund the regime’s weapons programmes.

Mr Trump has previously said that North Korea has “no intention” of abandoning its nuclear programme.

The US Treasury said on Thursday that it has frozen assets in North Korea worth $3.3bn, including $2.6bn in North Korean banks.

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