A fisherman living in Vietnam’s central province of Cuy, who is known to some as the “King of Shrimp”, has been denied permission to eat seafood he caught for the last decade, after the Vietnam Customs Department accused him of violating the regulations of the countrys government-run shrimp industry. 

On Thursday, the government issued a notice of violation against the fisherman, Thi Xuan Thi, who was said to be fishing illegally for shrimp at a lake near his home, which is located near a provincial airport. 

The fisherman had been fishing for shrimp on the lake’s shore for the past two years, and his catch of the sea urchin was the last of the year, when he was told to leave by customs officials.

According to Thi Xuan, who has not been able to fish since his arrest last month, he was given a “no-take” order on February 15.

The notice stated that Thi Tho was not allowed to catch any shrimp because he had not been registered as a shrimp fisherman for two years and had not taken his fishing license for two months.

The notice also stated that he was not permitted to fish in the lakes, where he had a permit, for two weeks, even though his catch was the only shrimp he had ever caught.

Thi And he had been allowed to fish for shrimp in the lake for the previous two years because he has been registered in the fisheries department’s system as a fishery permit holder.

He has also been given a permit to fish the lake, but the ministry said it was still awaiting the return of the fisherman.

“It’s the worst I’ve ever experienced,” Thi Thi told Al Jazeera.

“They’ve been trying to make a fuss about me, but I’ve never had anything like this happen to me.

They’ve said I’ve been caught with shrimp, but no shrimp.

I was told it was not legal. 

I’ve never been in trouble before.

This is just the worst.”

Thi Tho was told by the ministry that his catch was not fish. 

He was told that his registration was not valid, and he was also told that he could not bring in his catch.

He was also ordered to pay a fine of 100,000 won ($84), as well as a 50,000-won ($45) fine and 30,000 yuan ($32) in legal costs, which were also given.

Tho Thang, who works as a construction worker, told Aljazeera that he has never seen such a huge, arbitrary, and unjustified decision.

“I have never been so lucky as this,” he said.

“I’ve only been here for a couple of months, and I haven’t even been to the lake.

It’s a terrible experience for me.

I’m still waiting for the fishermen to return, so I can fish.”

Thang said that he does not know if the fisherman who was arrested is still working for the fishing company that owned the lake where he caught the seaurchin.

Thang has been fishing in the same lake since 2003.

Thi is currently waiting for a court order to reopen his fishing permit.

He said that when he asked the ministry for clarification on the situation, he received a reply saying that he should not bring any shrimp in.

“They said, ‘You cannot fish in this lake, you have to stay at home,'” he said, adding that they also asked him to come back the next day.

“So I went back the following day, but they still asked me to come, so the next morning I had to come.

I spent 30,00 won ($30) to come and fish in their lake, and now I’m here without permission.”

The minister responsible for fisheries, Nguyen Thi Dinh, told local media that the fishermen have no legal grounds to challenge the government’s decision, which was handed down by the fisheries office in March.

He added that the ministry had no idea who was responsible for the fisherman’s arrest.

Nguyen Thi said that the fisherman was initially detained because he was caught fishing illegally on a lake where shrimp were caught.

“They were saying he had caught shrimp, and that he had registered the shrimp fishery with the ministry.

But when I asked the minister, he told me he couldn’t even fish in that lake,” he added.

Nguyen told Aljuha TV that the Ministry of Fisheries had no legal basis to arrest the fisherman because there is no law that states that fishermen can fish in lakes where shrimp are caught.

The minister added that he hopes that the matter will be resolved quickly, and then the fisherman can be allowed to return to his fishing business.

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