The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has been a lightning rod for criticism since its inception in 2005.

Its founder, Paul Watson, is a former police officer turned anti-government activist.

His organization, which claims to be the largest grassroots conservation group in the world, is known for its relentless public shaming tactics, including “capture and kill,” and the arrest of Sea Shepherd activists, which they claim are “gangsters.”

It is also infamous for engaging in violent attacks against law enforcement.

Despite this, the Sea Shepard Conservation Society, along with the American Fisheries Association, the Marine Conservation Society and the Humane Society of the United States, is credited with saving more than 50 million fish, shellfish and other marine life over the last decade, with nearly 1,000 individuals arrested for attacking or harassing marine life.

The group is a prime example of the rise of a new type of public relations firm, and the emergence of an alternative to the traditional media and the public.

It is a new breed of public-relations firm, which uses traditional public relations techniques to spread its message of environmental protection, and to sell its product to potential clients.

The Sea Shepard Group’s Public Relations firm is not only a threat to traditional media, but to the sustainability of a whole new generation of public communications firms, experts say.

“Sea Shepherd is a threat,” said John Molloy, a professor of communications at the University of California, San Diego.

“It is a disruptive force in the public relations industry.”

Mollay, who has written extensively on PR, said that Sea Shepherd’s approach to public relations is “disruptive.”

“You can’t get any bigger than Sea Shepherd,” Mollary said.

The organization has used PR to try to “punch back” against the environmental movement and its allies, such as the Sierra Club, Greenpeace and others, Mollory said.

“There are so many things the environmentalist movement is doing that they have never done before, and it’s hard to imagine that they could,” Mottay said.

Mollow also questioned the effectiveness of Sea Shepard’s PR tactics.

“When you’re trying to do PR, you’re not really interested in the message,” he said.

In its most recent annual report, the organization’s public relations company, Sea Shepherd Communications, noted that Sea Shepard is one of “the most well-known and successful environmental organizations in the United Kingdom.”

It noted that its website was viewed more than 30 million times worldwide, that its annual conference in London attracted more than 500,000 attendees, and that its social media platform has more than 100 million followers.

But the organization has faced criticism for its tactics.

In October, the American Conservation Association released a report alleging that Sea and Sky Media, a Sea Shepherd Media partner, had been using a misleading image in its PR campaign against the Environmental Protection Agency.

In addition to the EPA, the report said that other organizations, including the National Wildlife Federation, the National Fisheries Institute, and several environmental organizations, have been using Sea Shepherd imagery in their marketing efforts.

The EPA denied the allegations, calling them false and unsubstantiated.

Sea Shepherd said it was being targeted by a “media conspiracy” and said it had received “a total of 17,000 death threats, which we do not take seriously.”

Sea Shepherd also released a statement that said it has “no intention of ever abandoning its commitment to protecting the sea and its animals.”

But Mollery said that criticism misses the point.

“They are really a group of people who are trying to get attention for themselves, and they’re trying very hard to do that by using the tactics of traditional PR,” he told me.

“The fact that they’ve gotten death threats is a reflection of how successful they’ve been.”

Mottary, the marine conservationist, agreed.

“I think that they are being a little bit misleading in the media,” he added.

“If they’re going to do it, they have to get the attention they deserve, and this is an easy way of doing that.”

In other words, the environmentalists’ goal is to make the media look bad by showing people that they’re not actually doing the work that they claim to be doing, Mottaying said.

It’s not the first time Sea Shepherd has come under fire.

In 2013, the group was accused of using misleading images to promote its products and its causes.

Sea and Earth Media, the company that published the images, was subsequently fined $1.8 million for misleading its customers.

In April, Sea and Sun Media was sued by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a conservative organization that promotes free-market ideas and causes.

The lawsuit alleged that Sea’s marketing materials contained misleading information about the nature of the organization, misrepresented Sea’s activities and promoted its products as alternatives to the products of environmental groups.

Sea told the Washington Post that it was “deeply troubled by these allegations,” and called the

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