It’s a question many of us are asking ourselves, but we still don’t know the answer.

For now, the Pirate Bay remains one of the most talked about places in the world, with over 2.5 million visitors every month and thousands of sites hosting illegal content.

But how exactly is it connected to the rest of the internet?

In this exclusive interview with TechRadar, tech journalist Matt Golledge explains the most common theories surrounding the site and why they are so far from reality.


Who runs it?

The Pirate Bay is operated by a Dutch company called Pirate Bay Netherlands.

Its main customers include Netflix, Spotify, and other services.


What’s its role in the wider internet?

Pirate Bay operates in a grey area between a pirate website and a legitimate content sharing site.

Its users have to go through the proper channels to access copyrighted content.


Why is it so popular?

The site has been used by more than a billion people in the past six years, and more than 1 billion of those visits came from the Netherlands.

Pirate Bay’s business model relies on advertising, which makes up almost 40 per cent of its revenue.

That means the site receives roughly €6m a year from users.

That doesn’t include a $200m “freelancer” income fund that is run by a team of people working independently of the company.


Who are the pirates?

The pirate sites have been running since at least 2004, when the US company Rapid7 launched a rival to the Pirate Bazaar.

Its business model relied on advertising that was used to fund the development of its services.

The company also hosted its own version of the site called the “Rapid7 Marketplace”.

It was shut down in 2008.

The site’s administrators are now running their own company.


How do I get in?

The best way to get in is to use a proxy server.

That’s what a proxy is: a computer software that allows websites to redirect traffic to an IP address.

In order to access the site, you first need to download and install an IP-based proxy.

You can find more information about proxies on the website.


Where is the most popular site?

Most people visit Pirate Bay from Amsterdam.

Its servers are located in the Netherlands’ southern city of Groningen.

However, many of the more popular sites are located across the Atlantic Ocean.

The most popular are hosted by three companies in the United Kingdom: BitTorrent, Torrentz and Pirate Bay.

The largest of these, Torrentbay, is the largest site in the UK. 7.

Where can I find the server?

There are a few ways to access Pirate Bay in the US: Torrentz, the largest torrent tracker in the country, provides an IP proxy that can be used to access Torrentbay.

The Piratebay is also available on many other popular sites.


Why does the site keep going?

Piratebay keeps hosting a huge variety of pirated content.

The sites’ most popular content is typically films and music, but the site has also hosted games and other things.


What are the penalties for illegal downloading?

The most recent crackdown on illegal downloading came in September.

In response to the crackdown, the site changed its policy and banned users from sharing pirated films or music without permission.


Is piracy worth the trouble?

The website is one of those places where you’ll find people who will pay for a better experience by doing it illegally.

The best parts of Pirate Bay are the people who keep visiting it.

For a while, the pirates weren’t so worried about the consequences of their actions.

They simply wanted to get online and share their illegal content with as many people as possible.

That was the case until the site began to become popular again.

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