I love my crab soups.

It’s always a hit, and the flavor is always great.

I’m not really one to get all worked up about eating them.

I have no complaints.

I just think they’re awesome.

I do, however, love my fried crab, which I usually throw in with my shrimp, grits, and green beans for a quick and easy meal.

It gives you something different to eat while the kids are at school, so that’s definitely a plus.

So, I’m super excited to try the crab soup for the first time.

I’ve been dreaming of this recipe since I was a kid, and I was so happy when I finally made it!

I know I’m going to be super excited when I get home from work.

I am excited to get my kids to share this with me, and for the food to be delicious and fresh.

The crab soup is soooo good!

I’ve had it at least twice, and it’s the perfect way to start the day.

It tastes great, and if I have leftover, I can add some to the meal later.

The ingredients are very simple.

I used a combination of red onion, garlic, and sea salt to season the soup.

The broth and veggies were all mashed and mixed together, which gives it a great flavor.

I also added a bunch of sliced scallions and garlic, which add a little flavor.

The recipe makes about 1 cup of soup, which is plenty for a day’s worth of fun.

It was easy to make and really satisfying to eat!

This recipe will be perfect for families or friends who are planning on eating crab soup.

You can make the crab broth ahead of time and store it in the refrigerator for the next day.

You will also need to keep a few cups of broth at home, which makes it easy to eat later when you’re craving some soup.

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