The name is “Lakeside Seafood” but the seafood restaurant is opening to the public right in front of you.

The name isn’t new, but it is the name that has caught the attention of local residents.

They’re calling it the “Fishy Burger” because the food has a fishy texture.

The restaurant is scheduled to open to the general public in July, and it will have two different locations.

It has already been approved for two restaurants in Los Angeles County, and the other is on the west coast, but there’s another location planned for Las Vegas.

The Fishy Burger has not yet been selected for approval for a restaurant in New Jersey.

Local news outlet ABC11 reports the Fishy burger has the best rating in the city of Huntington Beach, which is near the southern tip of the state.

They even say the fish is very flavorful and that it has a good amount of salt and pepper.

The restaurants name is not the only thing that’s been getting attention.

In addition to the name, they’ve also been posting pictures of the fish in the water and posting the results online.

We’ve heard of some other eateries in Huntington Beach who’ve also received the same kind of attention, but they haven’t had as much press as this one.

The Huntington Beach restaurant has been rated one of the best restaurants in Huntington.

The local news channel, WJBK, says the Fish-y Burger is a popular seafood restaurant in Huntington, but not for the same reason.

There are a lot of restaurants that have that same name and a lot are more upscale.

WJBk says the Huntington Beach Fishy Burgers is a bit different.

It’s going to have more casual food, but the fish and chips are pretty tasty.

It will have a menu with fresh seafood from the ocean, but you will also have a variety of items.

The menu will also include some house made items, including a burger, chicken and grits, fries, and salad.

WDBK says the fishy burger is going to be served in a smaller, more intimate space.

There will be a bar area with seating for around 50 people, and you can bring your own food or order a menu.

You can also enjoy your favorite local beers and wine, as well as cocktails.

Huntington Beach resident Michael Smith says he’s been looking forward to coming to the Fishys restaurant for some time.

He says he is a huge fan of the Fishies, but says he hasn’t been able to get into the restaurant before.

“I’m a little nervous about it,” Smith said.

“It’s a little bit more upscale than other restaurants I’ve been to in Huntington.”

Smith has a son who lives in Huntington and said he was excited about getting the Fishymarked fish burger.

He also has two daughters who live in Huntington who have been looking into buying the restaurant.

The food will be available at the Fishyu Burgers Huntington Beach location for about $20, but Smith says the prices will go up when the Fishiesturger opens.

You’ll be able to find the Fishest burger in a variety places around Huntington Beach including the Beachwood Restaurant, the Huntington Inn, and more.

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