What happens when a group of friends decide to cook some fish in a joint?

Well, it turns out it can be really tasty.

The recipe for an Indian dish called “belly of the beast” was shared on Facebook by two of the members of the group, who also happened to be the co-owners of the restaurant.

The dish is usually served over rice and served in a sauce made from a mix of fish, chicken and onions.

“A big belly fish is usually very expensive, but I love it when it comes to a side dish,” said one of the cooks.

“If you ask for the side dish, you’ll usually get the fish that’s in the sauce, and the main dish is just a rice dish.”

It is a dish that some may not like to eat, but the chefs are happy to share it with their friends.

“The only thing I hate about it is the smell.

It is a little bit gross,” one of them shared.”

It’s not gross at all,” said the other.

“We put it on top of the rice and the rice gets all oily.”

And then they added a little spice.

“When it’s cold and it’s a little hotter, it gets really nice and soft.

It’s kind of like an ice cream.

The texture is like the ice cream,” they shared.

A recipe for “budgie” at the Bamboo Lounge in Brisbane’s CBD.

Picture: David HumphreysThe recipe is similar to the one shared on Instagram by a group from the same restaurant.

The fish is a combination of “bone in the belly” and “bone and marrow”.

“We put some chopped onions in the bowl and we make a gravy and add some chicken, some spices and then we add the fish,” one person shared.

While this may not sound like a lot, the chefs shared the recipe to the group to share the recipe.

“They are sharing it because they want to be able to cook it with each other,” one member of the crew told the ABC.

“We don’t have any restrictions, so it is free for us,” said another.

“I can’t cook it myself because I’m too busy and it is very hard, but it’s definitely something we want to share,” the cook added.

The members shared the recipes on Facebook and Instagram.

The “buds” and the “budi” have since been shared by more than 500,000 people.

The chefs are working to raise funds to buy the fish and cook it in a restaurant in Brisbane.

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