An iconic Canadian brand has hit the headlines after a report said the company paid $1 million to the families of a man killed by a worker.

The Globe and Mail has obtained a document from the Ministry of Labour that reveals the price tag.

The document also indicates that the company was fined $750,000 in 2013 and that the government has promised to provide an audit of the company’s finances.

The company was founded in 1872 by Joe Patti and the family has run the company for decades.

“We are deeply saddened by this loss,” the company said in a statement.

“This is the third time this year that our business has been impacted by workplace injuries.

The family has requested that the ministry investigate the matter.”

The company says that while the incident was not its fault, the company did not have adequate policies and training to prevent workplace injuries and that it has a zero-tolerance policy on workplace injuries, and a policy on worker safety.

The document says the company has a long history of making positive improvements to safety.

“The family has always maintained that the safety of the employees and the communities in which we operate is our highest priority,” the document says.

“In this case, the employees’ safety was compromised and the company acted quickly and appropriately.

The government is committed to providing the fullest possible investigation into this matter.”

Jackie’s, a staple of the seafood industry in northern Ontario, is based in Scarborough.

Its restaurants are popular with locals and tourists, and it’s a favourite for sushi.

It’s not the first time the company is in the spotlight for workplace injuries in Canada.

In 2014, a woman died from a head injury suffered when she fell from a balcony while working on an outdoor barbecue in Victoria, B.C. In 2015, a Canadian man was seriously injured in an industrial accident in Edmonton when he was struck by a heavy-duty crane.

More from the story:The company said it would be conducting a review of its safety measures.

The investigation will also examine “any other workplace incidents that may have occurred over the past 12 months and any workplace related injuries that may occur in the future,” it said in an email.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the deceased, as well as all those who were impacted by the accident,” the statement said.

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