Posted November 17, 2019 12:06:23If you’ve ever visited a local sushi restaurant and wondered if your fish was as fresh as the fish you ordered, you’re in luck.

A new survey conducted by The Daily Meal shows that nearly 60 percent of people believe that the quality of their seafood is “very or very good.”

In the survey, which polled more than 10,000 people, 47 percent of respondents said their sushi was very or very fresh.

However, that number dropped to 42 percent if they ordered sushi that was purchased from a restaurant that did not prepare their sushi.

In other words, people who eat sushi are much more likely to believe their sushi is very or quite fresh than those who eat it from a sushi restaurant that does not prepare sushi.

For those who do eat sushi from a food truck, however, the percentage of respondents who said their food was excellent or excellent fell to just 11 percent.

And those who ordered from a truck that did prepare sushi fell to 19 percent.

While people who believe their seafood was very fresh or excellent are more likely than those ordering from restaurants that do not prepare the food to believe that sushi is fresher than other types of sushi, it’s not clear why people would believe that.

The Daily Diet article explains that the reason for the perception of fresher is because the fresher sushi comes from the same farm that produces the fish that the fish is sold at.

For example, if a restaurant makes their own fish, there is no difference in quality of the fish.

But if a fish is grown in an aquarium and then fed to fish farmers in China, the fish may have a higher level of nutrients than the fish grown in the same tank in the United States.

For that reason, it makes sense for people to believe the freshest sushi comes directly from the farm where the fish was grown.

While it’s true that the freshening of fish from the factory farms can lead to better fish, it also makes the fish more expensive.

For example, the cost of a bag of sushi from the sushi restaurant is around $5.49.

The same sushi can cost you more than $15.99 at a sushi bar.

The survey also asked about how many times people had sushi before ordering.

In the United Kingdom, people said that they have sushi on three to four occasions a week.

That means that for every time you eat sushi, you should eat it five times.

In addition, a study conducted by the University of Oxford showed that people who order sushi from restaurants where their sushi isn’t prepared often report that their sushi tasted worse after ordering the sushi from another restaurant.

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