I’ve been lucky enough to eat at several restaurants on a regular basis.

I’ve always enjoyed the taste of their food, but when I was introduced to their new ramen, I was blown away.

They use a technique called “kimchi-mashin” that involves boiling a mix of seaweed, ginger, garlic and ginger root, then adding it to the ramen.

It takes about an hour to cook the mixture, and I could taste the taste right away.

It’s a savoury, umami-rich broth, but I was able to enjoy it on its own as well as mixed in with a rice noodle dish.

I could easily have eaten it with rice and beans, or mixed it with a salad or even scrambled eggs.

It wasn’t just the taste, either.

The broth was very, very thick, and the taste was incredibly soft.

The noodles were also quite tasty, and they didn’t have any too-so taste either.

When I came back to Singapore after my trip to Thailand, I noticed that I’d been eating ramen at restaurants like this in the past and thought, “Oh yeah, this is my new favourite thing.”

While I’m sure I’ll be getting more ramen from these ramen shops on a more regular basis, this one certainly makes me excited to try out their ramen and other Japanese-style ramen dishes.

Here are some of my favourite ramen restaurants in Singapore and the places I’d recommend: 1.

Kamachi-mashi Ramen Shop, 10-10 Chonburi Road, Singapore, +65 1 464 1547, kamachi-ramen.com 2.

Soba Ramen, 1-1/2 Mile Road, Chonbuk Rd, Singapore 3.

Sankoku Ramen Shibuya, 3-7/8 Mile Road 1-2, Singapore 4.

Sachi-sushi-Sake, 1/2-mile Road, Kallang Road, Tamar Valley, Singapore 5.

Sapporo Ramen Nihon, 5-8/9 Mile Road 2-4, Singapore 6.

Tokyo Ramen Ramen Store, 8-11/12 Mile Road 3-4 and 5, Tokyo, Japan 7.

Sushi-nori, 4-6/7 Mile Road 5, Singapore 8.

Nihonshi-zushi-zakeki, 1 mile Road 2, Singapore 9.

Shibu-zureki, 3 mile Road 3, Singapore 10.

Shimbun-kawaii, 1 kilometre Road 3 and 4, Takarau, Japan 11.

Nana-nage-shimbun, 1.3-mile road 1, Takamatsu, Japan 12.

Nohon-nageshimbun 1, 3.3 mile Road 1 and 2, Osaka, Japan 13.

Nanshi-shibachi-shibuya 2, 2.5-mile (3.8-kilometre) road 2, Kyoto, Japan 14.

Hiyori-bokken, 1,4-kilometer road 1 and 5-6, Takashi-machi, Tokyo 15.

Sashimi-nara, 1 and 3.5 kilometers Road 1, Tokyo 16.

Hitsu-kaze, 1k, 2, 3k and 5k, Toyama-ku, Fukuoka, Japan 17.

Shokugan-sashimi, 2-kilometers road 1-3, Toyon, Japan 18.

Chibimburi, 1km road 1.5, Toyohashi, Japan 19.

Bachi-chobashi, 3km road 2-3.5 and 5km road 3, Fukui, Japan 20.

Sakurada-gasho, 1m road 1M, Takasaki, Japan 21.

Natsume-chubachi, 1 km road 2M, Fukien, Japan 22.

Yuki-chabachi, 3 kilometers road 3M, Nagoya, Japan 23.

Saitama-sugiyama, 2 kilometers road 1K, Tokyo 24.

Nagano-shabachi-gaku, 3 kilometre road 3K, Nagano, Japan 25.

Sato-bakurashi, 1 1 kilometer road 1S, Tokyo 26.

Sakaguchi-gakurachi, 4.5 kilometre trail 1S and 3, Takanami, Japan 27.

Himeya-kachi, 2 kilometre track 1S-3 and 3-5, Tokyo 28.

Nagoya-shimachi, 7.7 km track 1K-3-4M, Tokyo 29.

Tokyo-mushi-tachi, 5.5 km track 2M-3M, Kyoto

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