In the midst of a massive fish market in Mumbai, a group of people began to talk about the fish they were buying.

These people, many of whom were local residents, were buying a huge variety of fish, including the ubiquitous “khaari” (a fish that looks like a sea bass but has a sharp snout and long fins) and “khabri” (fish that looks a lot like an Atlantic cod).

But there was a catch: The khaari and khabri were not good for you.

“They are too big for you,” said a man, referring to the large fish.

“We have to order them from a shop or from the roadside,” said another.

And there was no question about it: The fish were not as delicious as they should be.

So, the people at the market began to get frustrated and began to speak up.

A group of women in the market started asking the people what was wrong with the fish.

A local man, who has a good understanding of the city and the culture, told them that the fish had to be sold at a reasonable price, and then some.

But as the group continued to talk to people, the conversation turned more and more adversarial, and one of the women got upset, too.

So she called the police.

A police officer came and escorted the women out of the market.

But the police were not going to give up the fight.

“So, the police team came,” said the police officer.

“And they started to fight with the shopkeepers, who were not happy that they had to do this.”

After two or three fights, the team finally managed to get the shopkeeper to agree to sell the fish to the people.

The shopkeeper, who was not identified, told The Hindu that the shop owner had ordered a large quantity of khaaris from the market in the past.

The police officer then brought in the team.

“When we went to the shop, they were asking the shop keeper for the price of the khaaria.

But he did not want to pay them because they were too big,” the shopowner said.

“The shopkeeper then started to tell us that they would not sell us the kharis.

So we went in and we said, ‘OK, let’s go to the police station,'” he said.

So the police officers started to chase the shopkeep, who ended up getting thrown in jail.

“There was a lot of violence,” he said, adding that he has no idea how many khaARI he was sold for.

“This is the first time I have ever seen anything like this.

The man was taken to jail for three days,” the man said.

The other shopkeepers in the area also got involved in the fight, and some of them also got thrown in prison.

But when they went to a nearby police station, they too were taken into custody and the shop keepers were released.

The team went to another place where they saw a huge quantity of fish that was being sold.

They also caught the shop staff, who also were released from jail.

The two shopkeepers were released after paying Rs. 1,200.

But it wasn’t until a few days later that the police started to hear from more and so they took action.

“It was very important that we catch the culprits, as they would be caught,” said Inspector Sandeep Patil, the senior inspector of police (IOP) of the Kolkata division of the police, who led the investigation into the shop owners’ incident.

“A large number of shopkeepers from other parts of the district were also involved in this incident, and they are being investigated by the IOP.

They will be booked for criminal breach of trust and wilful breach of duty.

The IOP has been alerted to the matter and is investigating this matter,” he added.

A spokesperson for the police told The Indian Express that the team had been dispatched to the spot.

“After the police reached the spot, we got in touch with the owners of the fish shop and got them to hand over the khabris to us,” he explained.

The Kolkatas police have asked for the public’s help in identifying the shop’s owners and the shops involved in selling them khaARIs.

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