In May 2018, the chef and owner of Landry Brothers Seafood in Houston opened a seafood boil in Houston’s Little Italy neighborhood.

In March 2018, he added the seafood to his regular menu.

He said the restaurant’s customers are “very pleased” with the new product, which he said is the first in the state.

The restaurant, which is also the owner of a sushi restaurant, said it is still evaluating how much seafood it can sell, but said it plans to sell 1,200 pounds of the product in 2018.

The boil bags are made from 1,400 pounds of white shrimp, and about 250 pounds of chicken.

The bags are packaged in brown plastic with two sides.

They are labeled with the chef’s name and the quantity of seafood.

The cook has the responsibility of ensuring the ingredients are fresh.

The bag has a capacity of 1,500 pounds, which the restaurant said was about the same as a large lobster.

The product is only available in the city of Houston, where Landry Bros. is located.

The chef said it was a long-term effort to keep the product fresh and to ensure it was not contaminated with mold, and that he hopes that the product will help customers feel better about eating seafood.

Landry has been a pioneer in the development of fresh seafood and has a strong following among the chefs and diners.

In August 2017, he opened a restaurant in Little Italy called La Caja de San Marcos in Little Havana.

La Cajas is owned by his brother and sister-in-law.

Landrie’s is a subsidiary of Houston-based Landry Holdings, which owns restaurants in San Francisco and New York City.

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