It’s a common misconception that Australian shark fin is one of the priciest in the world.

It is a relatively new export that was made from a combination of shark fins from China, Japan and South Africa.

But what you need to know about shark fin can help you make an informed decision about what you buy.1.

It’s cheaper than Australian lobster There are a number of different varieties of shark fin sold around the world, including those made from the red-spotted fish that are found in China and Japan.

In Australia, there are several varieties of fin available, including a bluefin, redfin, and red shark fin, with a yellowfin also being produced.

The price of a red shark-fin fin can be up to $US100 per kilogram (0.6lb) and it can fetch as much as $US500 per kilo (1lb).2.

It can be used for more than just shark fin In China, the Chinese government has banned shark fin for over 30 years.

However, Australian government-run shark fin shops still sell some shark fin to Australians.

They can be found in fish markets and restaurants across the country.3.

Shark fin is not a toxin When it comes to shark fin and shark fin products, the word ‘toxin’ is rarely used.

Shark fin contains trace amounts of toxic chemicals, such as trichloroethylene, or TCE.

It is also not a particularly good source of mercury.

However, there is still a risk of a health problem from eating shark fin.

Toxicologists say that a number can cause liver, kidney, eye, and lung problems in humans, but it is more likely to affect those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

There is also concern about the possibility of liver damage from consuming high levels of TCE in shark fin as well as high levels in fish.4.

It has been around for years and remains one of Australia’s favourite foodsIt is also one of our country’s most popular foods, according to the Australian Food Standards Agency.

According to the ASFA, shark fin was originally introduced into Australia in 1872, and was imported into Australia by Dutch fishermen in the late 1800s.

The fins have become a staple in our cooking and are still used in some Australian restaurants and bars.

It is now an annual event at Australian sporting events.


There are more shark fin markets in Australia than anywhere else in the countryShark fins are available at more than 100 markets across Australia, including markets in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, and the Gold Coast.

These markets are not restricted to just Australia, but include a wide range of markets in the United States, Europe, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Asia.6.

You can find shark fin from the US to ChinaThe US Fish and Wildlife Service has a database of all shark fin that is imported to Australia.

You can also check the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) database of shark meat and fins.

There are also shark fin samples available in the US from some of the countries in which shark fin has been harvested.7.

There is a shark fin festival in SydneyThe Sydney Sharks’ Festival is a yearly event held in the city every September in honour of Australia Day.

If you are in the Sydney area, there will be a parade through the city centre.

There is a small area in the central business district that is usually packed with people from the local community, and there is a large public shark fin sale in the area on Saturday, August 31.8.

You may find shark fins at local marketsIn the past, Australian markets have been flooded with sharks.

But there are some things you can do to help protect the local shark population.

Here are some suggestions for where to buy shark fins:If you find shark meat at a local market, you can pick it up at a fish market, but you will need to bring your own utensils and pick up the raw shark.

There will be shark fin available at a number in the market, such a a Bluefin tuna or a Redfin tuna, but there is no guarantee that the shark fin will be fresh and free from parasites.

If you buy shark fin at a retail shop, it is likely to be a lot more expensive than buying it online.

It will be hard to track how much it costs to buy a kilogram of shark or a pound of shark.

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