A video shows how an ocean restaurant in Thailand treats its staff with seaweed seasoning and seafood boil.

The restaurant, Seafood Grill, has been in business for four years.

It is a seafood restaurant and it has been open for over 20 years.

The video was shot by a former employee and posted on Facebook on March 1, and was shared more than 1,200 times.

In the video, the restaurant manager, Pichai, appears to be trying to convince his employees that the seaweed is healthy and that the boil is a great way to prepare it.

In a post, Pihan Chaiwat, a lawyer who has been involved in a legal case over the seaweeds seasoning, said that the video showed that the restaurant “was just selling you the wrong thing.”

The restaurant manager and the other employees, who did not want to be identified, did not speak on camera and have declined to comment on the issue.

In an interview with ABC News, Pohan Chayat, Piyat Chaiwatt, and Chai Watan told ABC News that they were told that they had to get the seasoning from the mainland.

Pihan said the seasoning was delivered to the restaurant in a white package, which was delivered in a plastic bag.

The packaging was opened, and a box of seaweed oil, which Pihang said was the seasoning, was discovered inside the box.

The other boxes contained seasoning, as well as a container of water.

When the employee tried to take a sample, he said he was unable to find the seasoning.

He said the oil inside the boxes was not seaweed.

“They said that it was too hard for them to smell, and they said it was from Thailand,” Pihun said.

Pichai told the ABC that he was in a hurry to prepare the seasoning and that he had to leave the restaurant before the meal was ready.

He said that after taking a sample of the seawood, he realized that it had a lot of fishy smell in it.

Pohan said that when the restaurant closed for the night, the manager said, “Why are you leaving, we don’t want you to eat anything, we want to get rid of it.”

Pichat said that he did not tell the manager that he could not taste the seawead.

He also said that Pihans staff members told him that the smell was not harmful.

“The restaurant’s manager said they didn’t have to do it because they could not smell anything, but I said, ‘Are you kidding me?

I smell fishy,'” Pichat told ABC.”

I said, this is the smell of seaweeds.

I smell seaweed, this smells fishy,” Pich said.”

We can’t have this smell, I will have to leave,” Poh said.

The Seafood Restaurant owner said that all of his employees were told to leave after the seasoning arrived.

He added that the manager and his wife had gone to the police, and the manager told the staff to get out of the restaurant.

He added that he also took a sample and it was the same seaweed smell.

Piyat said he asked a local restaurant owner if he could get the recipe for the seasoning in the restaurant, but the owner said no.

Panyan said he did send the manager a copy of the recipe and that they are going to be sending it to the authorities.

“If they do not catch me, I’m going to have to take my own revenge,” Panyan told the Thai network TV24.

“This is a mistake, it’s just that they think that they have control of the seafood industry and that we can’t do anything about it,” he said.

In another video posted on YouTube, Puyat said in the video that he will sue Pichay for defamation.

Piju, the owner of the Seafood Restaurants, told ABC that Pichawat did not work at the restaurant and that his restaurant is not related to the Seafur Food chain.

“My restaurant has nothing to do with Seafur,” he told ABC, adding that Puchay has not been employed by the Seafurtas restaurants since 2015.

“He is not working here, he is in Thailand and that is where he works,” Piju said.ABC News contacted the owner and manager of Seafur Restaurants.

The owner did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment.

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