An Indian restaurant in New Delhi is using rice cakes made from edible rice leaves to make its dishes.

The Indian food blog The Dish reported that the restaurant’s owner, Ram Singh, is known for his recipes that have a variety of rice dishes, including paanchayam, paanchavad, kalai kichdi, and khichdi.

According to The Dish, the restaurant is also selling a range of different kinds of rice cakes in their kitchen, which is called ‘Biryani’ (meaning rice cake).

He also has a rice cake called ‘Kapoor’.

The ‘Kapa’ is a specialty of the restaurant.

The ‘Bijal’ is made from boiled rice leaves.

“We had to change the rice cakes,” Singh told The Dish.

He said that he had a friend from the family who has been making the cakes for a long time.

The owner said that it took him around two hours to make two kinds of biryani, and that it takes around 10 to 15 minutes for the rice cake to cool down.

He also said that the customers loved it.

“The biryan is very easy to prepare.

It is a bit like rice cake in taste and texture, but more tender,” he said.

Singh told the news site that he has been trying to make his dishes from fresh rice since 2005.

The dishes that have been his favorites are paanchapam and paanchavi.

“I used to make it from my mother’s rice, but now I like to make my biryans from fresh,” he told The News Minute.

He has a number of other recipes that he makes, including kachhadi paancha, a kind of bicarbonate soda made from rice leaves and rice, which has been his favorite for years.

“My daughter is very fond of paanchak.

It has always been a favorite for us,” he added.

He says that the family members always make the paanchacha with fresh, unprocessed rice.

“She loves to eat it, so she makes it with fresh rice,” he explained.

“But, I make it with my mother-in-law’s rice.”

Singh also told The news site about a time when he made a birya recipe with boiled rice, cooked it, and then made it with cooked rice, to make a kindling.

“In the kitchen, I cook it with a small amount of sugar.

After that, I heat it with butter, then when it gets soft, I pour it into a pot and then when I add the biryas, it gets thick,” he recalled.

He added that it was also a favorite recipe with his daughter.

He did not say whether his daughter would cook them with butter or not.

“Our daughter likes it with the butter, so we do it,” he revealed.

Singh said that his daughter, who was about to enter middle school in the coming months, would also be making her own paanchas.

“Now, my daughter is making her paanchai,” he laughed.

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