A few months ago, the Indian food blog pappado was founded in Delhi.

It’s now one of the most popular food blogs in India, with a monthly readership of around 15 lakh.

But what’s behind the popularity?

The blog has been making waves for its simplicity and deliciousness, and it also has a strong focus on Indian culture and cuisine.

We caught up with Pappadeau founder, Pappadachai, to find out how the Indian culinary culture evolved.

Pappadahai, 26, started Pappado as an independent food blog after she and her husband decided to leave their jobs to start their own business in New Delhi.

Her husband was a software engineer, and they both had a love for food.

When they moved to New Delhi, they got a job as cooks for a local restaurant.

However, after they started working at the restaurant, their job was cut in half, and their salaries stopped being paid.

They decided to open their own restaurant.

“Our first goal was to be able to give them decent food at reasonable prices, but then we realised that they could also make a better product,” she says.

Pappada is a traditional Indian dish, which is made of minced pork, vegetables, and spices.

It is served with rice and sometimes naan.

At the time, Pappa was a common dish served at traditional restaurants in India.

It was not known that it could be served at restaurants and restaurants would take it out of their menus for a higher price.

Pappa was launched in June 2017, but the brand was only around a few months old when the website was launched.

It quickly took off, gaining more followers and getting more exposure.

The team was also influenced by the popular Indian restaurant in Delhi, Kolkata.

Their blog had a similar focus on cooking Indian cuisine, but with a different name.

They were also influenced in a different way by the chef who founded the iconic Indian restaurant, Dosa House.

“We felt that we needed to give our readers a reason to visit our blog,” she explains.

So, Papadachia took out ads on social media platforms and launched an online store.

In 2018, they started selling food from their restaurant in New York.

Pappadeu, an app that allows you to purchase food from online markets and restaurants, was launched on March 1, 2019.

“It is a very simple app that lets you order your favourite Indian dishes online,” Pappadi explains.

Pappa also has an online shop, which has an extensive selection of Indian food from all over the world.

On the second anniversary of launching Pappia, Pappy was ranked as one of India’s best food blogs.

Pappy has a following of over 10 lakh people.

Pappingadai, on the other hand, is the only one who started the blog from scratch.

Papadeau was launched just one month after she started the site.

 “We had a lot of challenges that we had to overcome, but we also learned a lot from our users,” she recalls.

Papeadeau has a very active Twitter and Facebook following, and has received a lot more support from the Indian government.

It has also started to attract more tourists from around the world, which helps its revenue.

For Pappaderai, Papeada is the ultimate food blog in India where she spends her days doing what she loves, and spends her weekends working on her cooking skills.

While she and Pappady are both in their 20s, both have been in India for the last 12 years.

Pindapakshwari, Paperas family, is one of Pappadia’s oldest employees.

Her father was a food technologist in the US, and her mother worked as a schoolteacher in New Jersey.

Paperasi’s father also worked as an IT professional in the United States.

Papa is also a part-time cook.

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