Perth has been hit by a record number of fish and chip restaurants in the past few years, with more than 500 now operating in the city.

With demand for these delicacies so high, Perth restaurants are now turning to their local seafood markets for their supply, and that’s the case for the iconic trident seafood.

The Perth Trident Seafood Market opened in 2015, with the first trident dish being served up on the first Friday of every month.

A selection of trident dishes are available for a mere $1.95, and they are all guaranteed to satisfy your appetite.

This trident has a distinctive, bright yellow and gold colour, with an unmistakable red sauce and a hint of lemon.

It is topped with a mix of squid, oysters and tuna, with some shrimp and clams added to balance the flavours.

The trident fish is served with a choice of sauces.

On the left, a trinity sauce.

And on the right, a traditional trinity fish sauce.

You can buy trinity seafood at the Trident seafood market, which operates on Saturdays from 7am-8pm.

The trinity shrimp and trinity clams are also available, but the prices will be much lower.

The Trinity seafood market is located in the heart of the CBD, just steps away from the famous Victoria Square and the iconic Great Northern Bridge.

The menu is full of seafood, with trinity dishes and trident sauces on offer.

There are also trinity snacks and other items to add to the list.

You can also get some great trinity-inspired desserts at the market.

It’s also worth checking out the Perth Trinity Seafood Festival, where trinity and truffle dishes are on offer for a day of trinity eating and trimmings.

Want to get up close and personal with the fish?

Take a look at the photos on this page, and you can even buy trident meat from the market for the price of a single fish.

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