The seafood industry is on the verge of an epic showdown over how much it costs to produce the seafood sold in the United States.

The battle has come to be known as “the lobster shortage” and it’s happening in a state with the second-largest population of lobsters in the world, behind California.

In California, the cost of lobster production has risen to $11.25 per pound, from $8.25 in 2016, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

And in Massachusetts, the industry has been struggling to keep up with the surging demand for lobster.

The lobster shortage is affecting more than just the lobster industry, as consumers in the country are increasingly searching for seafood on a regular basis.

A recent poll by the Boston Globe and Boston Globe Public Affairs found that Americans are paying $11,400 per person for lobster last year, up from $10,600 in 2015.

“The lobster price war is heating up,” said Mike Fung, president of the Boston-based Seafood Business Association, an industry trade group.

“It’s a big deal.”

As of May, there were 3.3 million lobsters harvested in the U

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