Donald Trump’s proposed $300 billion plan to beef up U.S. fisheries has a lot of real seafood in it.

Trump is expected to unveil the proposal Thursday, according to the White House.

The plan would expand a program Trump has repeatedly promised to expand, and it would allow for the importation of more seafood.

It would also allow the import of more raw seafood, which is a major source of seafood consumption in the U.K.

The plan is a win for the seafood industry, which has been lobbying hard to secure more seafood in the United States and abroad.

But the plan also comes amid a federal crackdown on foreign shrimp imports, a move that could hurt the seafood sector.

Trump’s plan would be the largest expansion of a program known as the Atlantic Rim Fishery Conservation Program, which allows U.A.E. countries to import raw seafood to the U-S.

for processing.

It has been under fire for years, but Trump has said that his plan will increase the number of seafood exported to the United Nations and other countries.

Trump has proposed to double the size of the U.-S.

seafood market, and he also wants to bring more seafood products to U.N. waters, which would be part of the new plan.

But U.C.I.L. estimates that more than half of U.T. exports would be consumed domestically and would be exported in the form of seafood.

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