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Jackie’s Seafood platters are easy to make and can be prepared for just about any occasion.

I’ve made them before, so I’ve got the recipe down.

The idea is to make the whole thing in a pot, then add the seafood and the shrimp and leave it for a few minutes, then put the whole pot on a stovetop to simmer and simmer.

It’s a good idea to keep the lid of the pot slightly cracked so the shrimp don’t overcook.

The result?

A great, crispy, and juicy shrimp platter that will have everyone talking.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can also add the sauce to the dish as it cooks.

Jackies Seafood seafood plates are made from fresh sea urchin (or other sea ilex) from the Gulf of Mexico, fresh shrimp from the Atlantic Ocean, and raw eggplant from the Pacific.

Jackies uses local, sustainable seafood, so you’ll find plenty of locally caught fish in the ingredients.

The platters can be served with salad or steamed or grilled, and can also be made with rice, pasta, or bread.

You can find a recipe for the whole dish here, or you can see the ingredients here.

Jacks Seafood shrimp platters with rice and pasta recipeJackies has been a seafood cook since 2006, so it’s no surprise that their seafood dishes have grown in popularity.

They’re one of my favourites on Serious Eaters, and are a staple in my kitchen.

When you’re looking for a new seafood dish, you’re bound to run across Jackie’s.

If your cooking repertoire is a little larger than usual, you might also want to consider their chicken, pork, or chicken and rice bowls, or their shrimp plates, which are perfect for parties.

Jacks’ shrimp plater is easy to prepare, with simple ingredients, and a good price.

Jack’s offers a wide range of seafood, including shrimp, oysters, crab, and more.

You can find more recipes on SeriousEats.comJackies offers a range of platter shapes and sizes, from a giant shrimp plinth to a little square.

They also offer a range on how to cut the shrimp, and if you’re interested in trying their chicken and seafood bowls, I’ve included one recipe below.

Jack’s seafood platers come in two sizes: big shrimp plats and small shrimp platts.

You’re able to customize your shrimp plattings by adding different types of vegetables to the pot.

There’s also a special shrimp plattery option, which adds a small shrimp to the bottom of the platter.

I personally love this option because you can use a little shrimp for a simple garnish.

Jackys shrimp platers with chicken and pasta sauceJackies’ seafood plattens are made with fresh sea (or fresh shrimp) from all over the world.

They use local, sustainably sourced seafood, and they’re very easy to cook.

I have a recipe to show you, but you can add your own ingredients and add your shrimp or any other ingredients you like.

The resulting dish is very easy and flavorful.

You’ll find a list of Jackies seafood platts on SeriousEsports.comHere’s the recipe for a small platter of Jacks shrimp plATTINS with chicken, potatoes, and broccoli:Jackies shrimp plATINS with rice:JackieS seafood plATTICS with potatoes and broccoli and a sauce:JackIES shrimp plATS with shrimp and a pasta sauce:More Recipes for Jackies Seafoodle Platters

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