Joe Biden says he doesn’t think the US will face the same challenges as the rest of the world in the fight against ISIS.

In a joint press conference with President Donald Trump, Biden said: “The reality is, we don’t need a global caliphate, we need a regional caliphate.”

 Biden said the US would not be fighting on the same battlefields with other countries as its allies in the Middle East, but said that it would take the same kinds of efforts to fight the global scourge of terrorism.He said:  “We’re going to do more in our region, but we’re going not to do it on the frontlines.

We need to have the best of our troops, in the field, and not in the shadows.”

Biden’s comments follow a number of recent US military moves aimed at countering the global terror threat.

He said the Pentagon was working on ways to provide training and equipment to help local forces in Afghanistan.

 He said he was hopeful that the Pentagon could be ready to begin deploying combat forces by the end of this year.

Bidens comments came days after the president signed a $500 billion military aid package into law that also includes $150 billion for training and equipping Afghan forces.

President Trump has been keen to boost his military and has been vocal about the need for more troops in the region.

The White House said Biden’s comments on US foreign policy will be taken into account as the new administration considers military action against ISIS, a militant group that controls swathes of Syria and Iraq.

Biden was also asked about his views on the possibility of sending more troops to Afghanistan to fight against the Taliban.

Asked by a reporter what he would do about the possibility that more US troops were deployed there, Biden answered: “I don’t think it’s a good idea, Senator.

I think it will lead to the death of a lot of people, and I think there’s a reason why that happened.”

Biden also responded to a question on whether he had spoken to President Donald J Trump about the recent attack in Nice, France.

“No, I’ve spoken to him about it,” he said.

A reporter asked if he had discussed the attack with Trump.

“”I’ve spoken with him about what happened in Nice and the reaction, and we’ll see what happens,” Biden said.

The president and Biden also met with other world leaders, including Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, French President Emmanuel Macron and Italian President Giorgio Napolitano.

In a statement issued ahead of the news conference, Biden also spoke about his plan to improve US ties with Mexico and the US’ commitment to helping the Mexican people after the release of more than 10,000 undocumented migrants in 2017.

As part of his efforts to secure America’s southern border, Biden has announced a plan to build a wall along the southern border with Mexico.

Biden also said that he believes the US should have an active role in the Pacific Rim region, which includes Japan, South Korea, China, Australia and Vietnam.

He also said he believes it is time for the US to withdraw from Afghanistan, which he described as a country that has “lost all sense of identity”.

The US military and its allies have been trying to retake territory from the Taliban and their allies in Afghanistan, but their efforts have failed.

According to Biden, the US has a “unique ability to bring together countries from all walks of life and have them join forces to achieve our shared goal of defeating ISIS”.

BIDEN TO THE PRESIDENCY: “The time has come to pull out”AAP

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