Point Loma Seafood is one of many restaurants in Southern California that have banned seafood in their restaurants in the past two weeks due to the outbreak.

According to restaurant owners, the reason is simple: They are not eating seafood because they are worried about contracting salmonella.

According a statement from the restaurant chain, the outbreak has affected only a small number of customers, and they are working with local health officials to ensure that all their customers will receive prompt and appropriate treatment.

The company said that it will provide a full explanation as soon as it is available.

“We are not in the business of telling customers what to do,” said Kim Young Lee, owner of Point Lomas Seafood.

“We are in the restaurant business, we make food and we serve people.”

She added that she is aware of at least two restaurants that have decided to ban seafood altogether.

Lee said that the restaurants are doing so because the majority of the seafood consumed in their establishments is imported from the Philippines.

While the Philippine government has been stepping up its response to the situation, the Philippines’ seafood industry remains in a critical state.

According for example, according to the Philippine Food Safety Authority, there were only around 30 restaurants in country that were able to process raw fish.

The Philippine Food Protection Agency also reported that the Philippines imported nearly half of its seafood for sale to the United States, with more than 20% of the imported fish destined for the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.

In recent weeks, the country has been experiencing a significant spike in salmonellosis cases.

As of December, there had been nearly 17,000 reported cases in the country, with the total number of confirmed cases reaching 3,936.

The Philippines has also reported over 100 cases of the highly contagious coronavirus in 2017.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, salmonele disease is a foodborne illness that can be transmitted through food and water.

Symptoms of salmoneles include a runny nose, fever, cough, runny eyes and a rash on the face, feet and hands.

Salmonellae can also cause a host of other problems, including pneumonia, diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, fever and dehydration.

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