A new online marketplace called FoodNavigator is providing consumers with a way to make more informed seafood purchasing decisions.

In a video that went viral last week, Anna Gaffney, a freelance writer for The Wall Street Journal, describes how she and her husband, David, decided to save money on their seafood.

The two decided to make a purchase for their son on Friday.

The family of six saved a whopping $2,600.

Their daughter’s family, on the other hand, didn’t make the same saving decision.

The parents made their purchase in the spring, and decided to get the fish on Friday, according to the video.

The family’s plan worked: The fish was cooked, served, and delivered.

But when they tried to get a second opinion, the family was told that the fish was not cooked.

So, they called a seafood delivery service and got the food on Saturday.

The delivery person said the fish wasn’t cooked and had been left on the table, but it was still good.

Gaffney wrote, “The takeaway was that they were being paid a ridiculous amount of money for an inferior product, even though it was cooked perfectly.

The fact that it wasn’t properly cooked made it sound like it wasn`t good, but when we found out it was actually good, we were thrilled.”

The family paid the seafood delivery company $150 for the fish.

The bill went through the roof.

The company then offered to refund their family.

But, according the family, they couldn’t get a refund from FoodNavigation because they didn’t want to spend more than $15,000 on their fish, so they decided to try another online seafood marketplace called FishBag.

Giffney wrote about the experience on her blog, saying, “I didn’t have a great experience on FishBug, but I didn’t care either way, so I decided to give it another go.”

The family saved more than the $2.5 million they expected.

The website is similar to other seafood delivery services like FoodNavigators, but the delivery company has a different system in place to help consumers make the best purchase.

Gafney said she and the family had their fish delivered to their home in Texas.

The company then took the package back to the delivery truck.

They took their credit card and put it into their checking account, Gaffny said.

The meal came in just five minutes, and they never had to leave their home.

The price was $12.50 per pound.

The delivery person told the family that the delivery was done on a Friday because the fish came from a local farm.

The customer had paid the $12 delivery fee and had paid a $5.50 shipping fee, and the bill came in under $3,000, Gafney wrote.

The online seafood delivery system works like this: Customers place an order for a package of seafood and the service company takes the package and packages it up to a warehouse for delivery.

When the seafood arrives at the delivery service, it is cleaned and packaged up, Giffney said.

The service company then takes the delivery fee back, refunds the customer, and then takes their money.

The FoodNavicator service has more than 8 million subscribers and is helping more than 30 million people around the world save on their food bills, according its website.

It was founded in 2014 by two students from Harvard University, one of whom is Anna Grisham.

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