On the back of the huge boom in seafood, it seems like we’re seeing the beginning of a new era of employment for the local industry.

In the lead-up to Christmas, JJS Seafood posted a report that the seafood industry has created 8,000 new jobs in 2017.

The report showed a 14 per cent increase in the number of jobs in the region.

The biggest jump came from the city of Hobart and its surrounding areas, which saw an increase of 2,600 jobs, followed by the Perth region, which gained 1,700 jobs.

Hobart, which was home to the world’s largest container port, is the home to JJS, with more than 8,500 employees and the Port of Fremantle has nearly 3,000 workers.

In terms of new jobs, it is estimated that over half of the jobs created in the past year were in the Hobart region.

While the industry may not be booming, there are still opportunities for the region to create new jobs.

The rise in the jobs market has come from a combination of the rise in container shipping, increased demand for seafood in the regional market, and an increase in demand for local seafood, including seafood from other parts of the country.

But the rise has also been accompanied by some of the industry’s biggest fears, as it has been predicted that the industry would suffer due to the increased trade with China.

While the report is not necessarily a doom and gloom report, it does raise some important questions for the industry.

Will the demand for locally produced seafood continue to be strong?

What can the region do to protect the jobs it has created?

The report also has some good news for the fishing industry.

It shows that seafood production in the area has doubled over the past five years, from 7.5 million tonnes in the year before to 15.8 million tonnes today.

That’s a huge increase, especially considering that it took three years to recover from the peak in 2013.

But the region is not completely immune to the pressures that the market is facing.

The growth of the trade with mainland China has created a new strain on the region’s supply chain, with many local fishers struggling to cope with the increasing trade.

Despite the fact that the region has a strong seafood industry, there is a lack of job creation.

According to the JJS report, only two people were directly employed in the industry in the years prior to the boom in the fishing sector.

“The fishing industry is very small in terms of the number and the number who are directly employed is very low,” Dr Stephen Jones, president of the Seafood Industry Council of WA, said.

However, Dr Jones believes the industry has managed to maintain its position as one of the best-paying jobs in WA.

If you’re a fisherman, it means you can actually be self-sufficient, Dr Stephen says.

You can buy your own equipment, and you can have the equipment you need to work in your backyard.

Dr Jones believes that with more opportunities for people to work locally, the industry can stay competitive and grow.

We need to look at how we are going to grow the industry, he said.

“If we are able to have people that are directly employing them, we can grow the fishery, and we can make a better business case for the community.”

If JJS’s report is any indication, this is a good thing.

The region is already looking forward to seeing a strong economy again.

The Seafood Federation of WA has released a statement saying that it is confident that a strong regional fishery will support our local economy in the future.

With the boom expected to continue in 2018, we will need to see more jobs created and a greater focus on the wellbeing of local people.

What is the Seafers Choice?

The Seafers choice is a one-year opportunity for businesses to invest $200,000 to create 50 new jobs directly or indirectly in their workplace.

For small businesses, the opportunity is $1 million, and for larger businesses it’s up to $5 million.

The Seafors Choice is available to all businesses and all ages.

Find out more at: https://www.facebook.com/TheSeafersChoice.

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